Full scores and parts are available directly from me so just get in touch.  I am more than happy to help with any requests. 

Another scrawled first name (2022), Solo Cello. c. 6 minutes.

History of the Dispossessed (2020-22), for flexible instrumentation / voices involving a number of movements that can be combined in a variety of ways to produce a performance. Current work in progress. The title is taken from a 2019 book on the Scottish clearances by T.M Devine.

Cube (2017), Solo Piano. c. 8 minutes. Premiere by Zubin Kanga on Saturday 17 June 2017 as part of the 840 series @ Waterloo Festival at St John’s Church, London.

placebo (2016-17), Clarinet, violin and piano. c. 7 minutes. Premiere by George Sleightholme, Emma Welton and Alex Wilson on Saturday 25 March 2017 as part of the 840 series at St James’ Church, London.

HarM (2016), 2 strings and 2 voices. c. 12 minutes. Premiere by the NME Ensemble on Saturday 10 December 2016 as part of the 840 series at St James’ Church, Islington, London.

With (2016), Piano, tape and 2-5 performers. c. 12-15 minutes. Premiere by Alex Wilson, Emma Welton and Nicholas Peters on Saturday 11 June 2016 at The Pound, Corsham.

Give (2016), Percussion quartet. c. 8 minutes. Premiere by Abstrukt percussion ensemble on Wednesday 1 June 2016 as part of the 840 series at St James’ Church, Islington, London.

Swapped Names (2016), Violin and Objects. c. 5 minutes. Premiere by Ruben Zilberstein and Nicholas Peters on Saturday 5 March 2016 as part of the 840 series at St James’ Church, Islington, London.

Telomere (2016), Wind Band. c. 7 minutes. Premiere by Corsham Wind Band on Friday 4 March 2016 as part of the Mid-Somerset Festival in Bath. This piece was written as part of my residency at The Pound, Corsham.

Scantlebury (2015), Soprano and tape. c. 12-15 minutes. Premiere by Juliet Fraser as part of Voice(s) on Friday 6 November 2015 at The Pound, Corsham. Further performances in Upavon (Saturday 7 November 2015) and Minety (Saturday 14 November 2015).

Drangway(s) (2015), Three Cellos. c. 9 minutes. Premiere by Tre Voci on Monday 12 October 2015 as part of the 840 series at St James’ Church, Islington, London.

Rotherham (2015), Recorder Quartet. c. 10 minutes. Premiere by Block4 on Monday 13 July 2015 as part of the 840 series at St James’ Church, Islington, London.

Sandblasted (2014), String Quartet. c. 7 minutes. Premiere by the Manon Quartet on Saturday 31 January 2015 as part of the 840 series at St James’ Church, Islington, London. Second performance by the Manon Quartet on Saturday 6 June 2015 at the Pound, Corsham.

Blackened Word (2014), Clarinet in Bflat, Violin and Cello. c. 8-9 minutes. Premiere by the Berkeley Ensemble on Wednesday 10 December 2014 at the Forge, London.

Found on Film (2014), Violin, Cello and Piano. c. 7 minutes. Premiere by the Fidelio Trio on Sunday 6 July 2014 as part of the composer academy at the Cheltenham Music Festival 2014. Second performance given by Ruben Zilberstein, Katherine Tinker and Zoe Saubat on Saturday 14 March 2015 as part of the 840 series at St James’ Church, Islington, London.

White Lies (2013), Oboe, Soprano Saxophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, Piano                     and Double Bass. c. 3 minutes.

Fair Ground (2013), Solo Percussionist. c. 6-7 minutes. Premiere by Claire Edwardes on 16 November 2013 at the Campbelltown Arts Centre, Australia.

Last Tape (2011-13), Solo Violin. c. 17-18 minutes.

Factory Fortnight (2012), Trumpet, Trombone and Marimba. c. 8 minutes.

Workhouse (2011), Reel to Reel Tape. c. 12 minutes. Premiere by Underscore on Tuesday 25 October 2011 at St Anne’s Church, London. Subsequent performances on Monday 27 February 2012 at Goldsmiths University and on Friday 26 October 2012 at Leeds University.

EAST HOOK (2011), Fl, Cl, Vln, Vlc, Pno, Perc. c. 11 minutes. Workshop performance by Ensemble Interface on Monday 14 February 2011  in Graz, Austria.

Used Promises (2011), 8 voices (SSAATTBB). Duration 40 seconds – 30 minutes. Premiere by EXAUDI vocal ensemble on Monday 3 October 2011 at King’s Place, London.

Genau (2010/11), Soprano and Clarinet. c. 20 minutes.  Premiered by the Noise-bridge duo on Thursday 26 May 2011 in New York.

Vice (2010/11), Solo Flute. c. 11 minutes.  Workshop performance by Zinajda Kodric in Graz, Austria, February 2011.

Dance a disco now (2010), for any number of instruments or voices. Duration free. Premiered by COMA Sussex on Sunday 18 July 2010 at Soundwaves Festival, Brighton. Second performance on Sunday 14 November 2010 at Adur Arts Live Autumn Festival.

Drangway (2009/10), Solo Cello. c. 16 minutes. Premiered by Anton Lukoszevieze on Saturday 22 May 2010 at the Site Gallery, Sheffield.

An Outdated Dance (2009/10), Piano, 1 Hand held instrument or voice, 1 lo-fi recording device and 1 playback device.  c. 13 minutes.

Grandad’s Letters (2009), Bassoon, Trumpet, Viola, Piano, Percussion and Recorded Voice. c. 14-15 minutes.

 Northfield Road (2009), Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hn, Tpt, Tbn, Db, Perc. c. 11 minutes.

Balaclava (2008/09), Cello, Harp and Speaking Voice. c.10 minutes. Premiere by Anton Lukoszevieze, Rhodri Davies and Nicholas Peters on Tuesday 10 March 2009 at King’s Place, London.

The Main Complaint (2008), Cello, Clarinet and Trombone. c.16 minutes.

Standard Deviation (2008), 8 Voices and 2 Sine Tones. c.21 minutes.

Going Missing (2008), Solo Tenor Recorder. c.12 – 17 minutes. Premiere by Charlotte Pugh on Friday 21 November 2008 at Bath Spa University. Subsequent performances on Wednesday 25 February 2009 at Brunel University, on Sunday 23 May 2010 at Brighton fringe festival, and Monday 22 November 2010 at hcmf//10.

Scattered Polaroids (2007), String Quartet. c.8 minutes. Workshop performance by the Arditti Quartet on Thursday 14 February 2008 at Kingston University and by the JACK Quartet on Saturday 24 July 2010 in Darmstadt, Germany.

Cognition (2006), Wind Quintet. c. 7 minutes. Selected for the SPNM shortlist 2007-2010.Workshop performance by the Galliard Wind Ensemble in May 2006 at Huddersfield University.

You’re always my reminder… (2006), Solo Clarinet. c. 9 minutes.

Intrepid (2005), Solo Piano. c. 12 – 15 minutes. Premiere by Philip Thomas on Wednesday 7 June 2006 in St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield.

Lux Aeterna (2004), SSATB. c. 4 minutes. Selected by The John Armitage Memorial Panel for their 2005 concert programme. The piece was performed by The Chapel Choir of Selwyn College, Cambridge and conducted by Stephen Layton. The concerts took place on Saturday 12 March 2005 in Southwark Cathedral, London, on Saturday 19 March 2005 at St Cuthbert’s Church, Edinburgh and on Friday 25 November 2005 at St Brides Church, London.

Behold (2004), Solo Violin. c. 5 minutes.Premiered by Lorna Osbon in January 2005 in The Michael Tippett Centre, Bath.

Lines (2004), for String Orchestra, Flute, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet. c. 6 minutes. Premiere by the Bath Spa University College Orchestra and conducted by Roger Heaton in January 2005 in The Michael Tippett Centre, Bath.

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